Decorsify is a company that specializes in home decor and is dedicated to making homes beautiful. They offer a wide range of luxury home decor items, such as nightstands, wooden coffee tables, and ornate modern rugs. The company wanted to create a modern website and increase brand awareness.
Our team collaborated closely with Decorsify to choose the most robust platform that could meet their current needs while also having the ability to grow alongside the brand. Once the website was completed and launched, it became more engaging and offered customers a better user experience. So far, the clients are satisfied with the new website, and has been operating much more smoothly.



Decorsify was searching for a website that would deliver a fantastic shopping experience, be easy to navigate and highly functional. The new site’s platform must cater to the company’s changing needs while maintaining fast page load speed. After reviewing several options with the client, they chose our partner BigCommerce as the most robust platform. This platform provides our team with the flexibility needed to create and develop unique designs.
Decorsify had a specific set of technical requirements in mind for their new website. Their main objective was to create a website that was engaging, user-friendly, and had a modern interface that could effectively showcase their luxury products. It was also important that the website complemented their new marketing initiatives. Ultimately, the clients aimed to leverage to enhance their brand and increase revenue.

Custom Applications

This particular client caters to both B2B and D2C markets. To serve the B2B segment better, they have added a purchase order functionality and a wholesale option. Customers can now interact with a live chat, enjoy hassle-free, fast, and free shipping and warranty benefits. Other features that have been developed for the client include a custom product comparison page, product badges, countdown for limited offers, custom mini cart drawer, custom mega menu, and a shipping estimator. With the help of BigCommerce, Decorsify can now organize their products by type and categories.


As part of the project, the first step was to create a website that accurately represented the client’s commitment to its customers and showcased its products in an appealing manner. was designed with clear images and product swatches, easy navigation, and a streamlined checkout process, all aimed at improving the customer experience. The new website was integrated with the client’s existing shipping and payment systems. Additionally, the Shopify payment system was integrated into the new site, allowing Decorsify to upload bulk products.

Organic transactions increased


Organic conversion rate improved


Increase new users from organic traffic

Live Chat Feature

The website now features a live chat for customers to quickly engage with the client, allowing them to get an estimate of their shipping costs and delivery times.
Thanks to the custom comparison page app, visitors can now make purchases easily. The app enables customers to compare multiple products simultaneously using custom fields. Users can comfortably read and compare the product information they need. This feature makes it easier for customers to make informed decisions about their purchases.

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